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Under the cut you'll find some of the banners that my icons have won.

And also Sign ups are still open for Round 6 at 2 of my rumbles:

tv_rumble - Read the rules here! and then Sign up here!
This one could really use more participants

btvsats_rumble - Read the rules here! and then Sign up here!

All 10 challenges for both rumbles have already been posted, and the first challenge closes 1 week from today,

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70s: Bitcharooney

135 Icons!

1-20: Life
21-40: Bones
41-50: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
51-60: Angel
61-70: Heroes
71-80: Dexter
81-95: How I Met Your Mother
96-115: That 70's Show
116-135: The Venture Bros.

Also, sign ups are now open for Round 6 at 2 of my Rumbles
tv_rumble - Read the rules here! and then Sign up here!

btvsats_rumble - Read the rules here! and then Sign up here!

and celeb_rumble, and savetheworld_ic are also currently holding rumble rounds!

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Other comms I run and/or love: himym_rumble, 70s_challenge, life_stillness, bones_hush, joss_by_episode
HIMYM: Lily/Marshall

Help me, please!

I don't usually do this, but 3 of my rumble rounds are in desperate need of votes for their last challenges!
Please oh please oh please help me out, and I promise I'll make a big icon post soon!

bluth_love_icon - Vote here!

tv_rumble - Vote here!

btvsats_rumble - Vote here!

(and if you're a fan of the tv show Life, life_stillness is back from it's summer hiatus and could use some participation. This is a FANTASTIC show, please get on it.
(And has the Season 2 premier episode up! It's only up for 4 more days and then they're taking it down until it airs on TV, so if you love Life like I do, go to
70s: Hey there

62 Assorted icons

Okay guys, this is something I don't usually do, so some of these icons are pretty old. Some I was never even going to bother posting, but I haven't been making as many icons lately and I thought it was time for an icon post.
There's about 62 icons from assorted movies and tv shows. As far as the shows go, they're shows I don't often make icons of, some that I don't watch very often, and others that I've never seen but made icons for icontests.
There's too many to do my usual rundown, but there's some from The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, SNL, My Name Is Earl, Fivel Goes West, The Land Before Time, Drive Me Crazy, V for Vendetta and many more! If you'd like to know where a certian icon is from, ask and I'll let you know :)

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70s: Hey there

110 Assorted Icons

Last week I promised you icons this week, and here they are!

1-20: Angel
21-45: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
46-71: Bones
72-81: Life
82-91: That 70's Show
92-100: Chuck
101-110: Assorted TV shows (most were made for icontests, Bionic Woman, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dexter, Weeds, and 30 Rock)

Also, Sign ups are open for Rumble rounds at tv_rumble and btvsats_rumble.
For tv_rumble all 10 challenges have been posted, and for the other one, new challenges are posted week to week and the first challenge is up! Please oh please oh please, if you like making icons check them out! tv_rumble could REALLY use more participants!

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70s: Hey there

Icons next week, I promise!

Okay, so I've posted about them many times, and the rumbles seem to be spreading like wildfire, so I'm sure you're all familar with them by now :) For those of you who are new here, or living under a rock, lol, a rumble is similar to a LIMS, except there are no eliminations. Each round consists of 10 challenges and the icon makers with the most points at the end of the challenges are the winners!

I'm currently holding sign ups for 4 rumbles right now. The first 2 here are rumble communities so the rules are listed in the user info. Sign ups were just posted today, challenges will go up when we have 10 people signed up!
I'm trying something a bit different with the point system, so please check it out!
btvsats_rumble - Read the rules here!||Sign up here!
tv_rumble - Read the rules here!||Sign up here!

These 2 are normal icontest communities where I am also holding rumbles. The How I Met your mother one also has normal challenges going on as well, the Arrested Development community does not. Sign ups and rules are all located in one place, and the first challenge has already been posted for each of them. They end on Thursday (But sign ups will stay open until the voting for challenge 4 is posted)
bluth_love_icon - Read the rules and Sign up here!
himym_icontest - Read the rules and Sign up here!

Come join the fun (if you haven't already) and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!